Don’t believe it. Enjoy it.

It’s a little bit cynical but also very true and you’ll have to mull it over before you can come to terms with it.  But here it is.

Look at it.  Be with it.  Consider it.  Contemplate it.

When I first had the thought, years ago, that inside every belief is a lie, I recoiled from it.  I rejected it.  I refused to let it live in my life.


After living with it for a few years, I began to see what the things we believe in actually are.  They’re things that we tell ourselves in order to cope with our surroundings.  In the darkness, when we’re most alone and can only hear our own thoughts, that’s when we understand that lie in our beliefs.  Let’s go for a big thing most believe first: “A loving God/dess wouldn’t leave me alone in the dark.”  And yet, we are alone in the dark – each one of us, as we struggle with our own insecurities.  Can you picture yourself there, in the dark, repeating to yourself like a mantra that your Creator wouldn’t leave you alone in the dark – denying the reality of what’s going on around you?

I say enjoy it!  Enjoy the dark.  Enjoy the insecurity.  Enjoy each terrifyingly human moment.  Soon, you’ll understand that you *were* left there in the dark.  Alone.  With your thoughts.

Because what if you were left there to find your inner power to be your own light?


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To my younger self…

Hey!  Pay attention.  There’s some things you need to know.  This is you from a decade in the future talking to you and I know you know about Quantum Physics and that this is possible…

  1. Just create.  Don’t worry about what others are thinking about what you’re creating.  It’s a conversation between you and you; it doesn’t involve them.  Paint, draw, write, explore.  Try it all.  This is how you find your inner peace.  It’s how you balance and center.  It’s how you love you.
  2. Remember that art is play time. This isn’t work and you don’t need to get all in your head about how wrong it is.  Look at Picasso, and all his followers!  This is time to let go; time to paint mud pies, if that’s what you want to paint today.
  3. That new journal won’t become great without YOU.  You’re the one who makes it awesome with your musings, scribbles, sketches, and Sophisticated Sticks as you document the stuff going on around you.  Don’t worry about “ruining it.”  You can’t.  Because it’s a representation of your experiences and observations.  The only way to “ruin it” is to leave it blank.
  4. Put your emotions into your paintings. The same way that you program rocks; program your paintings.  Insert those unspoken undercurrents between the layers of reality, on the quantum level.  Do it on purpose.
  5. Explore.  Go looking for new ways to do old things.  Refuse to follow what everyone else is doing.  Look for problems reported by the old Masters and try to solve those problems.


PS: I’m blogging along with Effy Wild in April. If you’d like to join the facebook group to read the rules, go here: