Sophisticated Sticks

Sophisticated Sticks

Just yesterday, I had a most enjoyable Creative’s Date with a friend of mine. We both painted, laughed, enjoyed a light lunch and good conversation. At one point, she asked me how long I had been painting and, as it happens, I had posted to Facebook a picture of my humble beginnings (image at right).

Ten years ago, my primary method of capturing memories was with the written word.  But trying to document the memories you’re experiencing with two kids and a pup that was on track to rival Marley (&me), it was tough!  I couldn’t write fast enough.

To keep up, I started drawing stick figure comics.  Then I couldn’t decipher between the two kids (stick figures are pretty much identical), so I decided to make the girls wear triangle shaped tops and the boys had sort of a half-egg shaped top.  Then there was the problem of hair.  Daphne had quirky blonde hair that she liked keeping in bed-head fashion and Devon had red hair that he wore in a close two-phase.  To fix the problem of baldness, I grabbed up the nearest art supply that had color to it.  It was an old set of crayola watercolors.  I still have the set, with a price tag from Montgomery Wards of $5.29, marked down from $6.99:

You know they’re old paints when the pan label has warnings and a patent number:

I’ve tried many times to give those away, but never seem to be able to part with them at the very last moment.  It was a good thing for me that there were so many colors in the set – I had only the very basics of how to mix color.  And that didn’t always turn out right.  Red/Blue/Yellow may make white if you’re using color but it does NOT make black or grey if you’re using pigment.  The mixture just returns mud.

I’m now doing fun pieces in watercolor like this:

I won’t ever forget where I started.  That shows me that *anyone* can learn to create – they just have to keep at it.


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