What a broad and all encompassing word for something which encompasses, basically, anything outside of physical, emotional, or mental realms  It’s something unseen and often difficult to express.  It’s internal and external and extra-ternal.  It’s something that doesn’t pay any heed at all to ridiculous human concepts like time, space, or dimensions.  It simply …is.

There are a number of tools I use currently to enhance my own Spirit.  Historically, I’ve kept it all on the hush hush, as I didn’t want to be judged.  In 2010, I was gifted a near death experience.  Yes.  Gifted.  It was an experience that changed everything about me.  It’s something I hope every single person gets to have.  Maybe not the actual dying part, but certainly the journey I went into.

Upon returning, I found that I wasn’t concerned with being small and boxed in, afraid of judgement or persecution any more.  I found I lived from the place of compassion, kindness, and something more than love; the place of purity and of something beyond our small concept of divinity.  Since then, I’ve discovered many tools and concepts to assist in living from this new, pure place.

My latest discovery is one that assists me in drawing in that divinity and pushing it out into the more physical realms.  It helps with body-mind-spirit connections, cleaning, clearing, balance, and draws in a sense of peace similar to what I felt in my NDE.  TwistedSage makes tensor rings and other tools that help even one who doesn’t know how to get into touch with their personal divinity to be able to pull it in and work with lovely higher energies across time, dimensions, and space.  The tools are almost limitless.  They are ancient.  They are new.  They’re complex and yet so simple.